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Bathroom Installer London

Safety & Mobility

Growing old does not have to impact the enjoyment of your own home. Here at LGC Group London, we have years of experience helping our clients adapt their homes to their changing needs. Whether it’s taking out a bathtub and installing a walk-in shower instead or building a ramp outside to facilitate a wheelchair, we have done it all and are certain we can assist you as well.

Some of the more frequent requests we get are to:

  • Switch out a bathtub for a walk-in shower

  • Install additional railings

  • Reroute electrical switches to be more convenient

  • Install grip bars near the toilet and in the bathtub

  • Build and install ramps for wheelchair accessibility

Nowadays, the renovation of a bathroom is becoming a trend for every home because a well-serviced bathroom gives the family a lot of efficiency in their daily chores. Sometimes, it is essential to renovate the bathroom due to enduring a damp and dingy bathroom, dealing with leaky taps and cracked tiles, and many other problems.

Any renovation work done at home can be stressful, which means an experienced professional is required for the job. LGC Group London offers a wide range of bathroom installers in London. Our experts have a great role in ensuring perfect fittings and accessories required to complete the project. Apart from this, we are dedicated to providing services related to plumbing and tiling for electrical work.

Our professional bathroom installer also suggests some advice and guidance about what looks best for your bathroom, along with safety and mobility tools.

So give us a call and let us make your home even more convenient for you!