LGC Group London

for all your Residential & Commercial Needs

LGC Group London is a property maintenance company serving a great purpose. We aim to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers: always there on time, at the right cost and constantly seeking perfection.

Everything started 20 years ago in South London with a one-man band and slowly grew to a large, extremely skillful, very reliable and respected property maintenance company.

If you live in South London, you must have noticed our vans running around, helping local residents and businesses with their property maintenance needs.

Our senior staff have worked on-site, fully hands-on and are very aware of what can arise in everyday situations in the construction industry. This is why our clients can be assured that whatever problems there might be, there will be no such thing as impossible.

From initial communications and pricing, to project execution and after service, we are there for our clients every step of the way.

LGC Group London is the best choice for property maintenance in London. All jobs and locations are considered. We operate in all of London and local counties. Please take a look at our services page to see the various services we offer as well as how we can help with your project. Whether a broken door handle or blown away fence, a broken boiler or a dodgy lightbulb, we fix it all and much more. So give us a call or book online and let LGC Group London take care of you and your projects!