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Sure some things are nicer brand new, but the ones that people really value and treasure tend to be older and maybe have some sentimental value. For that reason, we take great pride in offering refurbishment services. We take the things you hold dear and bring them back to life. For example, an older piece of wooden furniture, once sanded and with a fresh coat of paint, not only will last longer, but also shine more brightly. Sometimes, it’s an entire room or even a house that is in need of some love. A new colour for the walls, maybe a hardwood floor in need of waxing and the place just feels renewed. So if you think it’s time for a refurbishment, give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss the details with you.

Some of our more popular refurbishment projects have been:

  • Interior painting

  • Floor replacement

  • Bathroom redesigns

  • Outdoor lighting

LGC Group London offers several different kinds of refurbishments that include kitchen and bathroom.

Kitchen Refurbishments:

A kitchen refurbishment is a better option than a complete re-fitting because it gives your kitchen a fresh look. It depends entirely on your goals and perceptions of a unique kitchen. Many things are needed for kitchen refurbishments like plumbing, tiling, cabinet alterations or customization, electrical installation, stone, or other trades. We provide the best kitchen refurbishments in London with an aim to satisfy your needs.

Bathroom Refurbishments:

A modern bathroom is an ideal way to add value to your property and build an entirely new level of comfort and luxury. Sometimes a complete redesign is not required. Just carry out some improvements to freshen up your bathroom. LGC Group London will bring a beautiful look to your bathroom with our professional tradesmen.

Most of us like to cherish and preserve our old possessions, and we take pride in calculating the years of togetherness with these old items. However, sometimes, we have to part ways with old furniture or interior decors only because of natural depreciation. Therefore, we can provide you with property refurbishment London to hold on to your memories.

Often, you like to renovate your kitchen to improve its storage or looks. We offer kitchen refurbishment London to convert your cooking area to a location where you will love cooking for your family.

In addition to redecorating some rooms in your house, we also provide house refurbishment London in totality. We provide the best refurbishment services London around you and have a good client base.

Our expert professionals have ample knowledge in selecting the most appropriate patterns and styles for your walls, floors, and ceilings to take the interior décor of your house to another level!

So, call today at 02071129312 to get the best kitchen and bathroom refurbishments services in London that will transform your home.