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Commercial Heating Maintenance in London


The winter holiday season is great for getting together with family and watching the kids make snow angels and build snowmen, so long as they can run inside afterwards and warm up. How is that furnace doing? Has it been regularly maintained? Are the air ducts nice and clean to properly allow for the warm air to circulate around the house?

If you call us, we’ll be happy to come, inspect and answer all your questions regarding central heating, boilers and whether the chimney is clean enough for Santa to come down.

We also provide an extensive range of professional heating engineers in London with adequate service. Our heating engineers can do various tasks, as mentioned below:

  • Heating Repair.
  • Heating Installation.
  • Heating Design.
  • Radiator Replacement.
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valve Replacement.

So if you need a heating engineer across London, let us know – we are ready to help you.

Apart from the heating problems, sometimes boilers breakdowns are unintended and create undesired strain. Moreover, it will be frustrating to be without hot water or central heating, especially in the winter. LGC Group London is here to remove the stress by providing the best gas engineer in south London as quickly as possible.

Boiler inspection and repair

We have certified technicians that will come and inspect your boiler. Is the pilot light keep going out? Is it making spooky sounds at night? We have you covered!

New boiler installation

Let us provide you with the best advice before purchasing a new boiler and then install it. We guarantee our work as much as we guarantee you will be pleased by it.

Our highly professional gas engineer can do various tasks related to repairing a broken gas boiler, carrying out gas safety checks and tests, installing a new central heating system, and many more. Anywhere you are in London, and whatever heating or hot water-related difficulties you are facing, call 02071129312 to get it fixed fast.

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit of a house or a commercial building is one of the prime elements that ensure comfortable living and working within an enclosed environment. On regular use, the heating system often wears out and develops hidden issues that hinder proper heat distribution throughout the floor space.  This is where an expert LGC Group Heating Engineer in London comes in for the rescue!

It is very crucial to be prepared before the winter season arrives for making your home/office optimised in terms of heat distribution. When you hire us, a Gas Engineer South London will visit the designated address for site inspection. Upon inspecting, the following services will be delivered:

  • Comprehensive inspection and repair of heating system

Our Heating engineer South London will thoroughly check the entire heating system to understand and diagnose any hidden issues in it. He will determine the level of service required and a proper scheme will be designed to explain the property regarding the services required. We will then proceed to provide the service based on the agreement from both parties.

  • Heating unit installation

With time and use, an old heating system becomes unable to provide the optimum amount of heat distributed evenly inside the property. We provide insights into the different models and designs available by assigning a proficient Gas engineer North. With our assistance, restore the youth of your existing heating unit or get a new one installed.

  • Replacement services

Minor heating problems can be resolved by simply replacing old units. Our Heating Engineer in London will identify the issues with the existing parts and will suggest the best solution. Whether it is a radiator or a thermostat, your heating system problems will be resolved in no time.

Why wait then? Get the heating system of your property checked by our efficient Heating engineer South London to diagnose underlying issues beforehand. Resolve them with our elegant and budget-friendly services and restore the heating efficiency of your HVAC unit. Get your issues diagnosed and resolved with us without breaking a sweat. Give us a call to get the best quotes!

Winter has started in London, and people are preparing to beat the chill. Keeping the heating system of the home intact is a key activity in this regard. Thus, if you are looking for experts to execute commercial heating maintenance at your location, we are the best choice!

Our experienced engineers inspect, repair, install, and replace equipment like radiator, thermostat, etc., to maintain your heating systems. Feel free to contact us for plumbing and heating services in London.