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Everyone knows how much the entire facade of the house can change just by changing the doors and windows of a house. Not only is it one of the cheaper ways to spruce up the look, it can also improve the efficiency to both heat and cool the house.

So it is the right time to let the light and fresh air in our home through windows and doors. With LGC Group London, you can get your window and door back to its former glory at a fraction of the cost. We have experienced window and door installers in London who can provide high-quality workmanship.

Here’s a brief look at our services related to doors and windows:


Whether you require new doors or some repairs on your old ones, we will happily take on the job. From installation to refurbishment – we do it all: sliding doors, patio doors, inside and outside doors, as well as changing locks, replacing glass, repainting or any other service you may need.


Window replacement is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a house. Bigger windows can provide more light and liven up the interior. Additionally, installing new windows will ensure there are no cracks around the frame needlessly letting the outside air in and effecting the efficiency of your heating/ cooling system.

If you are happy with your current windows, but need them repainted or better insulated – we do that too!

Along with this, we are always available to provide you with the best door and window repair services in London that are reliable and within your budget. Moreover, our door and window repair specialists can assist you better with your commercial or domestic property.

If are you looking for the best door and window repair service in London. Contact today LGC Group London and get an expert to repair a broken door or window with fast, responsive and standard service.

Windows protect your homes from the outside heat, wind, dust, rain, and light, and also add to the aesthetic value of the household. So if you are looking for experts to carry out window replacement London, you have come to the right place!

Our trained executives shall replace your window and suggest which style will suit to your interior best. We also offer double glazing repairs London for your convenience.

We provide window repair London and promise fixtures that are durable and robust. You can be assured after we complete our services about the long-lastingness of your windows. If your window has accidentally broken and you require emergency window repair, you can count on us.

At times, you may also feel the need to renovate your windows to improve their safeguarding abilities or simply enhance the interior décor. In either case, our expert shall provide you with window refurbishment London!