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for all your Residential & Commercial Needs


Few things spruce up the place and create a warm feeling better than custom woodwork. It is no wonder people say metal is cold, while wood is warm and our team of dedicated carpenters take that to heart. From creating custom pieces to add decor to any room to installing essentials such as staircases and furnace trimming, we are happy to offer a wide range of carpentry services.

Staircases & Railings

A well designed and beautiful staircase is one of the easiest ways to bring a touch of elegance to an essential part of the house that is often neglected as an afterthought. Whether a historical-era imitation or something more modern, we will happily design and recreate any style of staircase and railings that your imagination desires, so each time you descend, you can feel like a queen or a king.


No matter the size of your book collection or entire library, it deserves to be placed on a beautiful bookshelf. Whether it’s a smaller piece or one covering an entire wall with a complimentary sliding ladder, we would be delighted to bring your vision to reality.


If you’re not happy with the Ikea look and wish to have something that is more elegant and permanent, we will happily design, make and install custom shelving for any room of your house to suit your needs. Meanwhile, our painting experts can make sure it goes with the flow of the rest of the room, be it bright and fun for a child’s bedroom or sophisticated and elegant for the living room.

Kitchen cabinets

One of our most popular services is making and installing beautiful kitchen cabinets that are pleasing to the eye, while providing all the necessary space to accommodate the demands of a modern kitchen.

Custom creations

Some of our carpenters take wood-working passion to the next level. If you have something in mind that requires expertise above and beyond, we will be happy to assist you in turning that vision into reality.