How to Find a Professional Plumber in North London?

Your home’s plumbing system consists of a complex system of pipes and fixtures, which function simultaneously to provide you with clean water, safe disposal of wastes, and much more. A plumbing system involves both public and home safety. Therefore, the building codes strictly regulate the design of the system. However, there is a time when you experience severe plumbing dysfunctions, which you cannot handle with your DIY tactics. In such a scenario, it is essential to hire an expert. However, it would help if you keep the below-mentioned vital things in mind while hiring a professional plumber in North London:

Ways to find a professional plumber

You can find a professional plumber from several sources, including personal referrals, online services, Yellow pages, and newspaper advertisements. Here are some ways of finding a professional plumber in North London:

Personal referrals

Nothing can beat a personal reference when looking for the best professional plumber. So if you know someone who recently handed over their work to a professional plumber and feels satisfied with the plumbing work, you ask the contact number of the plumber in North London. You can also inquire about the contact details and information about the plumber from remodelling contractors and real estate agents.

Online referral services 

Online referrals emerged as a big business in recent years. Some sites offer free access to their network of plumbers, contractors, and other service professionals. The sites use crowd-sourced reviews or in-house vetting to qualify their listed professionals.

Check their plumbing licenses

Ensure that they have their license and insurance. Having a license proves that the professional met the minimum standards required in providing their services in their region. In addition, it protects you and your neighbour’s property in case of an accident.

Soft skills 

Determine whether the professional was polite while conversing over the phone, respected your home, and paid attention even to the minute details in your initial interactions.


You can ask your professional plumber to produce references from recent projects. Although they would offer you the clients’ names they served, you must still call and confirm. You can ask questions: What kind of projects did the plumber do for you? Did the communication from the company meet your expectations? Would you like to hire the plumber again? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of working with a professional plumber.